Australasian Journal of Paramedicine

Current Issue

Vol. 19 (2022)
Published March 22, 2022


Official launch of Paramedicine, the College’s international peer-reviewed journal

Paramedicine, formally the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, has been launched at the Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference, with submissions now open at



September 15, 2022


Helen Courtney-Pratt, Claire Eccleston, Peter Lucas, Laura Tierney, Wayne Harris, Briony Campbell, Katherine Lawler
The experience of paramedics providing care to people living with dementia: Working with uncertainty
Nigel Barr, Matthew Mason, Lisa Clegg, Fiona Randall
Maintaining asepsis in paramedicine: a Delphi study: Asepsis in paramedicine
Ismet Celebi, Gülbahar Alkaş
Time Management Attitudes of Health Care Workers Employed in the Ambulance Service in Turkey
Peyman Saberian, Alireza Baratloo, Parisa Hasani-Sharamin, Ehsan Karimialavijeh
Comparing the number of Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) scheduled based on the judgment of the managers with predictions of the Erlang C formula: a brief report
Brett Williams, Christine King, Malcolm Boyle, Lisa Clegg, Scott Devenish, Catherine Kamphuis, James King, David Reid
Contrapower harassment in paramedicine: Experiences of academic staff in Australian universities
Belinda Delardes, Samantha Chakraborty, Karen Smith, Kelly-Ann Bowles
Development of an electronic referral proforma from paramedics to general practitioners: A Delphi study
Jeremy Smith, Emily Andrew, Karen Smith
Prehospital early warning scores are associated with requirement for medical retrieval services
Andrew William Makkink, Emile Barnard
Potential overtreatment by paramedic students: A study from three South African higher education institutions
Tania Johnston, Joseph Acker
Clinical presentations, physician consultations and patient transport options for Australian remote and industrial paramedics
Lyle Brewster, Robert Bear, Sonja Maria
Overcoming Stigma of Mental Illness in Paramedicine – A Model for Future Practice
Ryan Bennett, Brett Williams
Desirable non-technical skills for paramedicine: A Delphi study
Cecilia Ostman, Carlos Garcia-Esperon, Thomas Lillicrap, Khaled Alanati, Beng Lim Alvin Chew, Jennifer Pedler, Sarah Edwards, Mark Parsons, Christopher Levi, Neil Spratt
Comparison of two pre-hospital stroke scales to detect large vessel occlusion strokes in Australia: A prospective observational study
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