Australasian Journal of Paramedicine Update

The Australasian Journal of Paramedicine (AJP) has been in operation for 18 years and has provided countless opportunities for paramedic researchers to share and promote their work. Commensurate with our Strategic Plan, earlier this year the Board initiated an internal review of the journal and consulted with a number of key stakeholders. 

Based on this review the Board has identified that there exists an opportunity to further target the research objectives of the College through the establishment of a new journal that will enable researchers to have their research published in a journal that offers the highest editorial and peer review standards. Our aim for the journal has always been to attract high-quality national and international research for the benefit of paramedics and those working in paramedicine and out of hospital care. This initiative will enable the dissemination of important research undertaken by paramedics, researchers, academics, and students that will contribute to the knowledge base for the profession. 

The development of a highly regarded, international paramedicine journal will not happen overnight; there will be a period of development over the coming 12-18 months, then several years of dedicated focus on achieving our goal of a highly regarded international paramedicine journal. 

The College has decided to place the existing AJP into hiatus while a more complete review is undertaken, and the development of a new journal can take place. It should be noted that all existing research published under the AJP will continue to be accessible while the new journal is developed, and will then be available through the new journal portal. 

The Board expresses their deep gratitude to the current journal Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mal Boyle, and the editorial board of Dr Sandy MacQuarrie, Dr Peter O’Meara, Dr Gavin Smith, Dr Simon Sawyer, and Professor Brett Williams. The dedication of the editorial board, and in particular Dr Mal Boyle, for more than a decade has been exemplary, and has provided a much-needed means of disseminating paramedicine research. 

It is with excitement that we look forward to the establishment of a new international journal under the College that plays the next role in advancing paramedicine research in Australasia and internationally.