Journal Renewal and AJP Update

The Journal Advisory Committee (JAC), led by Associate Professor Paul Simpson, continues to work towards the renewal of the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine. The advisory committee consists of:

  • Associate Professor Paul Simpson (Chair), (Western Sydney University)
  • Associate Professor Kelly-Anne Bowles (Monash University)
  • Associate Professor Belinda Flanagan (University of Tasmania)
  • Dr Alexander Olaussen (Monash University)
  • Dr David Fitzpatrick (University of Stirling, Scotland)

The Committee’s first key aim has been to review the current journal’s processes and practices, and to compare those with recognised contemporary best-practice scientific publishing models internationally. Its second key aim has been to ensure there is progressive, contemporary infrastructure and an aligned strategic plan that will guarantee the journal’s sustainability and growth into the future.

To achieve these aims, the Committee has engaged in widespread consultation with international and domestic editorial leaders in healthcare and emergency medicine publishing, bringing together a wealth of information, perspectives and advice that is informing the journal’s future direction and identity.

The JAC has implemented several enhancements to date, including:

  • Refreshing the format of published articles to reflect contemporary style
  • Links to authors’ ORCID ID on published papers
  • Enhanced submission guidelines for authors, incorporating specific requirements and links to published reporting standards, e.g., EQUATOR guidelines for reporting
  • Enhanced peer-review processes, including updated guidance for reviewers and recommendations to undertake CPD on peer review through free courses such as Publons Peer Review Academy.

The JAC is currently engaged in further work to:

  • Review alternative publishing software and websites to facilitate the upgrading of functionality and experience for editorial staff, peer reviewers, and authors
  • Incorporate Publons into the editorial and peer-review system so reviewers can have their input directly uploaded to that platform
  • Explore partnerships with major journal publishing companies such as Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, and Wiley-Blackwell.

In March 2022, the College will release an Expression of Interest (EOI) for an Editor-in-Chief for the renewed Journal. The EOI will be released internationally in line with the College’s commitment to pursue an international identify for the renewed Journal rather than continuing with a regionalised approach. In April 2022, the Deputy Editors will be appointed. In May 2022, an international Editorial Advisory Group will be convened to upgrade governance and oversight of the journal and provide advice and guidance to the new Editor-in-Chief.

The AJP Interim Editor-in-Chief, Associate Professor Paul Simpson, continues to work with the JAC to progress the existing AJP manuscript submissions through the peer-review and editorial processes. The 2022 edition of AJP will become active online in March, publishing those remaining articles that are accepted for publication. The AJP remains closed to new submissions pending the finalisation of the new journal product and confirmation of a launch date in late 2022 or early 2023.

Substantial, exciting progress has been made by the College on what is an expansive body of work that is critical to ensuring the sustainability and future growth of the journal in what is an increasingly busy and competitive paramedicine research space.

Associate Professor Paul Simpson

Chair, Journal Advisory Committee

Interim Editor-in-Chief, Australasian Journal of Paramedicine