Transitioning peer reviewers to Sage 'Paramedicine'

In September 2022, the Australasian College of Paramedicine officially launched its new scientific peer-reviewed journal, Paramedicine.  The journal wishes to continue its long-standing relationship with its wide pool of peer reviewers and therefore offers existing reviewers the opportunity to create an account with Paramedicine via the Sage manuscript central portal.  To create an account and become registered as a potential peer reviewer, please visit .

Through our partnership with Sage, Paramedicine is able to provide its reviewers with extensive support via Sage's Journal Reviewer Gateway .  The Gateway provides an array of resources to support reviewers in providing contemporary, professional peer review adhering to best-practice standards.  Reviewers are actively recognised for their contributions through a number of reviewer rewards .

Please note that as part of our quality assurance process with the new journal, peer reviewers  are strongly encouraged to complete a peer review training course regardless of level of experience.  Completion of a peer review training course facilitates reflection on your current practice, and provides a contemporary perspective on best-practice in peer-review in what is a constantly evolving field of professional endeavour.

Paramedicine recommends the following online free peer-review modules:

- Clarivate Web of Science Academy

- Elsevier Researcher Academy


Associate Professor Paul Simpson

Editor in Chief, Paramedicine