Technical and Environmental Impact on Medication Error in Paramedic Practice: A review of causes, consequences and strategies for prevention

Mark Crossman


Medication error has been highlighted as a significant issue within the health care industry and paramedic practice is not immune to this concerning problem. The patient, their family, the paramedic and the health care system are all affected by the outcomes of medication error. As the scope of paramedic practice increases so too does the possibility of medication error, and for this reason a proactive approach must be developed. Central to this approach should be a reporting system for medication errors that is without fear of reprisal, within which environmental and system errors are highlighted and dealt with. Additionally, paramedics must continually develop and be aware of their own self-guided commitment to high standards in clinical practice.


drug administration; drug delivery; drug dosage calculations; contraindications; emergency medical services; medication errors; paramedic; prehospital

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