Enhancing an undergraduate Paramedic degree through the introduction of a health fact sheet assessment task.

Deanne Hryciw



A component of the Council of Ambulance Authorities Inc. (Australia) guidelines is to facilitate the development of University degree courses which focus on the development of professional behaviour by incorporating educational programs that provide paramedic graduates with workplace skills that will be required for their future careers.


A health fact sheet assessment task was introduced to first year Bachelor of Health Sciences (Paramedic) students as a part of their curriculum in bioscience. The aims of the assessment task were to improve their understanding of basic anatomy and physiology, and to enhance essential workplace skills such as communicating scientific concepts to members of the general public (lay people). In addition to the task, a survey was distributed to determine the opinion of the students on the health fact sheet assessment task.


The 166 students who completed the task achieved a high mean grade of 8.16 out of 10 (± 0.77). Fifty-two students completed the survey (31.32%), with most students strongly believing that learning to communicate more effectively to the general public was a useful skill and that the health fact sheet assessment task achieved this aim.


The health fact sheet assessment task was a valuable tool in an undergraduate paramedic curriculum, reinforcing skills that are relevant to an allied health career.


curriculum; health fact sheet; survey; undergraduate paramedic programs

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33151/ajp.7.3.174


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