The current workforce status of prehospital care in china

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Hou X-Y, Lu C-Z. The current workforce status of prehospital care in china. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine [Internet]. 2015Jul.14 [cited 2023Jan.31];3(3). Available from:


The Chinese Emergency Medicine System is primarily composed of three sectors; prehospital care, emergency department in a city hospital, and intensive care unit ward. While all sectors are integral to the system, the prehospital care system is less developed than the others. There are many possible contributors to the under-development of the prehospital care system, however, workforce issues may play a significant role. Firstly, there is no officially recognised paramedic profession in China. The staff members working in the prehospital care system are medical doctors, registered nurses, patient-carriers, and drivers. Secondly, these doctors and nurses are either over-qualified or under-qualified for practicing in the prehospital care system. Lastly, Chinese health professionals have taken actions to improve the current workforce status with initiatives such as short-term training workshops for doctors and nurses, implementation of a trial unit in a university, and development of a Major Degree of Emergency Medicine in a medical university. All of these actions are important steps toward improving the current workforce status in the prehospital care system. However, a long term workforce development plan is still essential for the Chinese system, and implementation of a professional paramedic education system in a medical university/college in China, may provide the solution.