Qualitative analysis of undergraduate paramedic students’ perceptions of using case-based learning in an online learning environment

Brett Williams


This paper presents the second paper in a series outlining the results of a recent research project that aimed to identify student paramedic perceptions of case-based learning (CBL) in the clinical curriculum of the Bachelor of Emergency Health (BEH) degree at Monash University. The integration of student-centred learning (SCL) and CBL within clinical education is an important part of undergraduate prehospital education at Monash University. This e-learning pedagogy has facilitated the creation of small online learning communities, and allowed closer scrutiny of the current technological teaching and learning environment. The study concludes that CBL is a congruent teaching methodology in clinical curricula for prehospital BEH undergraduate students.

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33151/ajp.4.3.383


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