What’s in a name? The confusion in nomenclature of low-acuity specialist roles in paramedicine.


community paramedicine

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Long DN, Clark M, Lim D, Devenish S. What’s in a name? The confusion in nomenclature of low-acuity specialist roles in paramedicine. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine [Internet]. 2016Jul.31 [cited 2023Jan.26];13(3). Available from: https://ajp.paramedics.org/index.php/ajp/article/view/518


A significant paradigm shift in the care of non-urgent, low-acuity patients by paramedics has been gathering momentum over the last two decades. However the current nomenclature to define paramedics who specialise in the low-acuity setting is confusing, inconsistent and arguably misrepresentative. This commentary contends that two discernible paradigms lie along the spectra of low-acuity service delivery in paramedicine and argues that the nomenclature should also reflect this difference. Consistency in nomenclature has implications for the evolving professionalism in paramedicine and the movement towards national registration.


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