The AJP - moving with the times

Malcolm J Boyle


The Australasian Journal of Paramedicine (the AJP) has been in its current format since it was resurrected from the Journal of Emergency Primary Health Care in 2013. The aim at that time was to ensure that Paramedics Australasia – the publisher of the AJP – could publish four issues per year with four research-related articles per issue. We have achieved this, and more. Since 2013 the number of manuscripts submitted to the AJP has increased steadily. This has meant that recently, some authors are waiting months after their manuscript has been accepted before it is actually published.

With Volume 16 of the AJP commencing in 2019, the AJP editorial team (with the approval of Paramedics Australasia) made the decision to move the AJP to ‘continuous publishing’, a move that will benefit authors, readers and fellow researchers. In order to make this move, the issue numbering of the AJP has now been removed. This change will allow for manuscripts to be published within a few weeks of being accepted for publication.


publication; paramedicine; paramedic education

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