Critical issues underpinning the safe transfer of ill neonates: A review of the literature


advanced life support (ALS) paramedics

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Bhagwan R. Critical issues underpinning the safe transfer of ill neonates: A review of the literature . Australasian Journal of Paramedicine [Internet]. 2021May18 [cited 2023Feb.6];18. Available from:



Critically ill neonates often require urgent transport to a neonatal care facility shortly after birth. The safe transfer of ill neonates is a critical part of their continuum of care.


A review of the empirical work and literature around the safe transfer of ill neonates was undertaken to explore what factors influence a safe transfer.


What emerged was that a multitude of adverse events influence the clinical deterioration of the neonate, including the physiological condition of the neonate, equipment-related challenges and the unpreparedness of those involved to deal with neonatal clinical emergencies.


This review highlights the necessary equipment required, the nature of clinical emergencies that may arise, and the need to consider utilising specialised neonatal transfer units to effect the safe transfer of the critically ill neonate.


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