Fall from standing height, or greater, and mortality among ambulance-transported patients with major trauma from falls


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Buzzacott P, Tohira H, Bailey P, Arendts G, Ball S, Brown E, Finn J. Fall from standing height, or greater, and mortality among ambulance-transported patients with major trauma from falls . Australasian Journal of Paramedicine [Internet]. 2021Sep.8 [cited 2023May28];18. Available from: https://ajp.paramedics.org/index.php/ajp/article/view/904



This study describes the relationship between falls from standing height, or greater, and mortality in ambulance-transported patients with major trauma from falls.


Road ambulance records from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2016 were linked with WA State Trauma Registry records to identify ambulance-transported falls patients with major trauma.


Of the patients who fell from standing level, 114/460 (25%) died within 30 days, compared with 47/222 (21%) who fell from height (p=0.64).


Mortality is relatively high, and fall height is not associated with 30-day survival, among ambulance-transported patients with major trauma in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia.



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