Vol. 19 (2022)


Nigel Barr, Matthew Mason, Lisa Clegg, Fiona Randall
Maintaining asepsis in paramedicine: a Delphi study: Asepsis in paramedicine
Ismet Celebi, Gülbahar Alkaş
Time Management Attitudes of Health Care Workers Employed in the Ambulance Service in Turkey
Helen Courtney-Pratt, Claire Eccleston, Peter Lucas, Laura Tierney, Wayne Harris, Briony Campbell, Katherine Lawler
The experience of paramedics providing care to people living with dementia: Working with uncertainty
Jeremy Smith, Emily Andrew, Karen Smith
Prehospital early warning scores are associated with requirement for medical retrieval services
Ryan Bennett, Brett Williams
Desirable non-technical skills for paramedicine: A Delphi study
Cecilia Ostman, Carlos Garcia-Esperon, Thomas Lillicrap, Khaled Alanati, Beng Lim Alvin Chew, Jennifer Pedler, Sarah Edwards, Mark Parsons, Christopher Levi, Neil Spratt
Comparison of two pre-hospital stroke scales to detect large vessel occlusion strokes in Australia: A prospective observational study